Customer Support

We have a different approach to Customer Support!

Our customers integrate our devices in to their entire IT infrastructure and nowadays complete critical business tasks, as well as link to specialist software that we have provided as part of a solution or existing solutions our customers already have like SharePoint.

Our approach today is to give you 100% backing, not only on initial installation, but on-going, we believe that a customer can only truly discover how good we are when they have a problem!

This is our chance to shine and show you how much we value your custom. We DO NOT answer your request by quoting figures to come out and help (Red rag to a bull comes to mind, but many other companies do!), As we value our customers, we want you to keep coming back and recommend us, therefore we seek to support you, if you’ve upgraded your server, had a major failure or you’re simply looking to add new users, we’re here to help you get it sorted.

Man and woman by computer

Our support professionals are Microsoft Certified and also understand all of today’s alternative systems: Mac, Linux, Unix etc. – We can also set up our devices to work with virtually any system – Don’t take our word for it, if you’re serious about doing business with us, we can put you in touch with some of our customers who have multiple UK sites from Scotland to the south of England and in Wales, they will happily tell you about the support they receive and when they’ve needed us urgently, they’ll inform you of how we react, it will be their words, not ours.

Better still, if you have an IT Department, feel free to invite us in to meet or talk to your IT Team, you will soon get an understanding of our breadth of knowledge on all things IT! For further details of our support pick up the phone and call us for FREE on 0800 074 2095 or complete the Contact Form and we’ll call you at YOUR convenience.