Want To Recycle Your Old Equipment?


If you decide to purchase or lease a machine from us we will offer you a genuine trade-in if your current equipment is of value. What we mean by that is that we don’t over-inflate a price to you and offer some ridiculous sum of money for something that in truth is worthless!  As we work with our clients in an honest manner, we will take the details of your current equipment and see what the trade are prepared to pay for it. We will then put forward the best offer to you. Sometimes the trader will only collect the old equipment and not offer a price but at least it means that you’ll avoid any collection charges plus you’ll be doing your bit for the environment as suppliers will pick off parts from older machines to service those still out in the field.

Some of the equipment / devices we offer do come with 100% genuine trade-in offers from the manufacturer such as desktop printers and desktop multifunctional devices from Xerox; all we ask is that you click the link below, complete the details on the product you’re about to obtain or are considering and you will be informed how much Xerox will pay you for your trade-in.

Please bear in mind, Xerox will pay the money directly to you / your organisation, it is not offered by us, it is for your benefit. Please note that you must be genuinely trading in an old printer as Xerox will arrange for collection but it doesn’t even have to be working! (You will need to box it up or palletise it ready for collection).

Trade in your old device for a desktop Xerox

For further details of the trade-in offers or for help with a trade-in, Pick up the phone and call us for FREE on 0800 074 2095 or complete the Contact Form and we’ll call you at YOUR convenience.