Purchasing & Leasing

Whatever lease / rental options you’re looking for, were here to give you good sound advice and tailor an agreement to best suit you’re on-going needs and come inside your budget, maybe you’re looking for

Outright purchase

An interest free option?

A lease purchase option?

Or a straight forward lease rental option?

Most of all we’re here to listen and lay bear all the latest finance options available today, as well as some of the pitfalls that can await individuals and organisations who don’t have the full knowledge of this sometimes complex industry.

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‘We only give good advice, otherwise we wouldn’t bother giving it at all, it’s that simple’. If you’re familiar with technology, you will understand that it’s not always possible to purchase the equipment outright due to cost constraints. Many companies simply don’t want to own the equipment, they want to update the technology to stay ahead of their competitors, here’s where leasing truly helps and has many benefits.

Many companies will prey on your vulnerability; ‘Lack Of Knowledge’ in this area, for our expert guidance on purchasing or leasing and the vast array of options available today, Pick up the phone and call us for FREE on 0800 074 2095 or complete the Contact Form or call back form and we’ll call you at YOUR convenience.