Managed Print Service:

Fully Inclusive Managed Print Service

Two of the most important factors to consider when you purchase or lease a piece of office equipment are:

  • What happens when it goes wrong?
  • What is or isn’t included?

Our Service and Maintenance agreement cuts through these questions with this simple statement: ‘Everything is included except for the cost of the phone calls to request service calls, the stock you print on, staples (where applicable) and the electricity you use’. 

What's included:

  • All Callouts
  • All Parts
  • All Repairs
  • All Consumables (Toners including Colours*, Drums*, Ink Sticks*, Maintenance kits*, Fuser Kits*, Waste Toner Containers*) - *denotes, where applicable for your device and machine build.
  • All Service & Support

Could we make it simpler? We think not!

Man using a printer

Service on our products is carried out by the manufacturers’ service team, so where you or your offices are based geographically makes absolutely no difference. Our manufacturers / partners have locally based service technicians regardless of your location in the UK. They are friendly and on hand to keep your equipment up and running and support you whenever they’re needed. To add to this, we have no hidden clauses in our agreements, we do not charge for ‘estimated meter readings’, or any consumable that is required to keep your equipment running. The only way we’ll charge you for anything outside of the agreement is if your machine repairs or consumable replacements are required because of malicious / wilful damage, fire, flood or theft. (The latter are normally covered by your own insurance policy).

For our expert guidance on the Service and Maintenance options available today, pick up the phone and call us for FREE on 0800 074 2095 or complete the Contact Form and we’ll call you at a time convenient to YOU.